Mobile Mavericks: What We Do

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Welcome to Mobile Mavericks

Who are you?

Mobile Mavericks is a mobile app focused editorial consultancy founded by George Osborn, a games writer who has written for The Guardian, Games Industry Biz and Pocket Gamer, that aims to offer editorial and event support to companies across the way.

Fed up of the tired, dry and dull ways that much of the app and mobile gaming industry communicated with the world around them, George decided to set up Mobile Mavericks as a way of countering it. By creating top quality copy, offering business advice and creating top quality events, Mobile Mavericks is there to help you make the right kind of noise in the sector.

Currently working with the Mobile Games Forum, GrowMobile, PubNative, AppLift, Newzoo and Chartboost, George is always on the lookout for new partners.

What sort of work do you offer then?

Mobile Mavericks can offer your business or company a number of different services to help you thrive in the app economy. These include:

  • App Editorial Services – the creation of editorial content for your business, from white papers to blogs.
  • App Strategy Services – the creation of strategy for your app business, from looking at improving performance to determining pricing strategies.
  • App Event Support – assisting with creating content for events and their promotion, as well as options to help present or moderate.

How do you stand out from the crowd then?

Mobile Mavericks isn’t your usual consulting service. We won’t turn up at your offices in suit, deliver a slick powerpoint presentation and hope you don’t notice that we didn’t actually tell you anything. Mobile Mavericks is about offering you genuine top quality work, drawn from an extensive contact list in the mobile gaming and app industry, while retaining a sense of humour and working hard to gift you the sharpest take on the industry. We even have a set of values on the site to prove we mean business.

What do I have to do if I want to hire you?

Getting in touch with Mobile Mavericks is dead simple. All you have to do is email the head of the whole madness, George, at Then you can get on with telling us exactly what you need and we can solve the problem.

And if I want to co-operate with you on a dastardly plan?

Mobile Mavericks is always on the lookout for potential partners, from business development to PR to freelancers looking for work. Again, contact me on the email in the section above and we can chat about things.

Finally, how can we keep up with everything that’s happening with you?

If you want to keep track of what we’re up to, I recommend following us on Facebook or Twitter as well as signing up to our newsletter. That way you can hear our news first.