Our Values

When I set up Mobile Mavericks, I knew there was one area where I felt I could distinguish the services I’d be offering from the crowd: values.

While many consulting firms will focus on the purely professional angle, offering you work and taking your pay cheque at the end of the project without getting too involved with your company, Mobile Mavericks differs precisely because I don’t just want to work for you; I want to work with you.

Therefore, when it comes to our value system and working practices, there are five major points that summarise exactly what I hope to deliver when providing a service to your company through Mobile Mavericks. These form the basis of an honour code of sorts that I am more than happy for you to take me up on if Mobile Mavericks ever fall short of the standards set here.

Mobile Maverick’s Values and Principals

1) We will always aim to offer a high quality service, producing high quality work and ensuring it meets your deadlines. If we can’t deliver that for any reason or we don’t reach the standards you expect of us, then we will work hard to bridge that gap.

2) Our personal professional standards include honesty, professionalism and hard work that come standard with all good companies. But we will marry that to a relentless desire to find the right answer and tenaciousness to fight for what is right whatever the circumstances: even if we think you, the client, is the person getting things wrong

3) At the same time, working with Mobile Mavericks should be a fun experience. Bringing humour, wit and cultural knowledge to the table, we’ll help your work to gain a distinctive edge that few straight edged consultants will be able to offer you. You like the work you’re doing and I like to do work I enjoy: let’s make sure it gets shown in the work you commission.

4) In terms of our working practices, we will abide by a number of principals.

  • In depth briefs – instead of simply taking work on and allowing a brief to potentially be muddled or uncertain, we will commit to ensuring in depth briefing at an early stage to make sure each project is well defined. This will include emails, phone conversations and face to face meetings, with reasonable briefing expenses covered by us as a show of faith.
  • Sensible deadlines – while work matters to us, quality matters more. We will carefully consider deadlines when taking on work and will reserve the right to reject work offers if they fail to respect our commitment to quality. Our aim is to give you something that works with your business, not to waste your money.
  • Clear billing – an invoicing process that will produce precise reports of work and results of that work to outline exactly what we have done for the clients benefit and ours.

 5) We will offer a number of channels through which you can discuss with us, criticise and feedback about our performance. While we aim for the skies, the consistent feedback of our client base is what helps us to grow, develop our skills and deliver the work you need. We will aim to deliver you an edginess to your work but that doesn’t mean we can’t have the humility to listen and adapt.

So do our working values appeal to you? Email us using the form below and we’ll get back to you to discuss the potential work you may require our services for.




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