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5 tips for creating a successful podcast

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I love podcasts. Submerging myself in a good podcast whether I’m at home, commuting or just procrastinating at work is one of the greater pleasures in my chaotic life.

It’s a love affair that has led me to create my own. Most people reading this will know that I’ve spent the past 6 months running The Deep Lying Podcast, which is all about Football Manager and had gotten a lovely loyal following.

But that’s not the only time I’ve dabbled in the recording arts. For a year, I presented The App Show (which was a radio show and podcast on Cambridge local radio station Star 107) and for three months I ran the Mobile Mavericks podcast. I’ve also guested on the Pocket Gamer podcast, Toku podcast and The Sixth Axis’ podcast, because once you get the bug you just can’t stop.

And best of all, podcasts are bloody amazing mobile content. Literally, people listen to podcasts on the go. They listen on the train into work; they’ll put it on when they’re going for a run; a podcast will come with them when they’re on holidays. With podcasts and mobile handsets tied together, they’re a great way of reaching people in a subtle, personal and interesting way.

So having listened to and created the damn things for a while now, I thought I’d chuck together a quick tips post for someone who might be creating a podcast but doesn’t know where to start.

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