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Console free to play: Why Pro Evolution Soccer could be about to open the F2P floodgates on PS4 and Xbox One.


It’s finally happening. After much tentative pawing at the water, like a baby Labrador confronted with its favourite toy floating aimlessly in a paddling pool, a major console developer has announced they’re releasing a free to play title on console.

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Free to Play: What Else Should We Call It?

free to play man

Is it all in a name? Image from kaijupop.com

‘It’s all in the name’ is one of those happy cliches that everyone will likely use from time to time to describe something that is so evidently obvious that a title gives it away easily. But with the news that the European Commission is inviting Google and Apple to clarify potentially misleading costs surrounding ‘free to play’ games suggests that this particular name isn’t quite as clear cut as it might seem.

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Rate And Review Pop Ups: Not As Devilish As You Think

As the Dungeon Keeper free to play clusterbomb of fuck continues to explode around us, a new controversy has arisen over the use of a rate and review pop up by EA. Asking players whether they’d rate the game 1 star or 5 stars, anyone who chooses the latter is sent to the app store of the OS they are using while the former are given a pop up that asks to email feedback or dismiss the box completely. As a result, players who have a bad experience are kept away from putting their review on the store.

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Plants vs Zombies 2 And The Perils Of F2P Monetisation

plants vs zombies 2

Shuffling towards freemium failure

Making money on the App Store is tough. I know a lot of people who set out thinking that you can use it to turn a quick buck with a free to play game but that really isn’t the case. Even with a lot of knowledge and experience, it is more than possible for you to screw up your money making strategy to such an extent that it ends up being kind of embarrassing for all involved.

I’m mulling this over because of the high profile free to play failure from EA that’s currently brewing under our noses. Plants vs Zombies 2, despite a huge amount of promotion, hype and free chart topping success, is very much on the way to being a freemium fail as it struggles uphill to breach the all important top grossing charts that Supercell and King have effortlessly held for the past months.

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