The Mobile Mavericks Mobile Gaming Awards

It’s the end of the year and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, so what better time than this to sit at my desk and reminisce about all the great mobile games I’ve played this year. There have been highs and lows, ups and downs and erm other stuff so I thought I’d consolidate all my random thoughts about the games I’ve played this year into one, more manageable thought that I like to call “The Mobile Mavericks Mobile Games Awards”. But who has emerged from my brain victorious and who has emerged covered in rubbish? Read on to find out….

Game of the Year: Device 6

Device 6 Award

Looking sharp

Simogo’s text based, The Island themed adventure game was the epitome of all things good on mobile. Positively tactile, wonderfully unique and dazzlingly immersive, this short but sweet game is as sharp as the bowler hat wearing man on the splash screen. Essential evidence that mobile gaming is worth taking seriously.

Free To Play Game Of The Year: Papa Pear Saga

papa pear awardExplosive Fun

Earlier this year, I wrote that turning Peggle into a free to play game would be an utterly ruinous move:. But Papa Pear Saga proved me wrong: it’s ruddy good fun to play, very fair and the free to play monetisation gubbins is executed sensibly with minimal fussiness. Lovely stuff.

The Love/Hate Award For The Game That Was Great But Caused Me Hours Of Devastating Pain: Boson X

I love it but IT HATES ME

What I loved about Boson X was the way it twisted infinite running mechanics to create a surprisingly convincing scientific experience for anyone who played it. What I hated about Boson X is HOW MUCH I WANT TO PUNCH THE SCREEN AFTER I’VE BEEN PLAYING IT FOR A WHILE.

Best Game To Be Ruined By Free To Play Mechanics: Flick Kick Football Legends

“Much More” = Annoying Free To Play

Flick kick Football Legends has arguably the best control scheme for a mobile football game, with the humble swipe transformed into the means with which to attack and defend in a fast flowing football match. So it was great to see PikPok take that mechanic and ruin it by chucking in a crippling energy system and drowning the user in ads: nice one!

Best Game To Play On The Toilet: Giant Boulder of Death

I love the Invinciboulder

Fortunately for Pik Pok, they redeemed themselves for their FKFL F2P aberration by releasing the utterly glorious Giant Boulder of Death. Despite yet more terrible free to play ad spamming, the art style, joyfully alpine soundtrack and hilariously simple game play makes it perfect for short sharp sessions when you’re otherwise occupied. Ahem.

The “Where Am I Man?” Award For Hypnotic Gaming Experience: Rymdkapsel

This is like so chilled man

Mixing equal parts Tetris, tower defence and Darwinia, Rymdkapsel is a strategy game set in space that will space you out. It’s the kind of game where you’ll be so immersed in what you’re doing that your other half could have an affair on the sofa, set fire to the house and eat the family pet without you even noticing.

Retro Throwback Of The Year: Transport Tycoon

Welcome to Jazz Club

The Transport Tycoon reboot on iOS and Android is a slick package, offering hours of transportation business building fun in a number of interesting scenarios. But what really made it all hang together as a properly retro experience was the return of that all important and ultra smooth jazz soundtrack. Niceeeeeeeeeee.

The “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing But It’s Quite Fun Anyway” Award: Icycle: On Thin Ice

No, I don’t know what is going on either

Dennis is naked and riding what appears to be a tricycle through a winter wonderland in search of love and to avoid an icy demise. While I had quite a good time with it, there really were times where I was genuinely baffled by what was going on.

Worst Use Of The Star Wars Licence: Tiny Death Star

The Force wasn’t strong with this one. Not strong at all.

You’re Disney and you’ve gotten hold of the Star Wars licence so what do you do with it? You give it to Nimblebit to rehash a game we’ve all played to death and make it worse by adding the most annoying notification system I have ever had the misfortune to experience. Execrable.

The Award For Making Poaching Socially Acceptable Again: Deer Hunter 2014

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, had a big hole in his head

Slaughtering rare animals is wrong and nasty unless you’re playing Deer Hunter 2014! The realistic poaching simulator which rewarded players for driving a bullet through the heart of majestic creatures must have worked PR wonders for poachers this year. You can even shoot Rudolph in the festive update – Merry Christmas every one!

Most Generous Free To Play Game Of The Year: Plants vs Zombies 2

Good guy PVSZ2 – Free to play, actually means it

Maniacal and ruthless money making machine EA showed a rare piece of generosity when they decided to make the latest version of Plants vs Zombies 2 completely free to play. They kindly gave us all a complete game which was easily completed without spending a penny; an act of charity that really stood out this year in the face of continued free to play money grabbing. Nice one, EA – you’re a ledge.

And that’s it for this year – join us again next year for more mobile chatter!






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