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Nordic Game 2016: Day 2 Roundup


Nordic Game Day 2 is basically over and so are my write ups. The combination of tiredness and a late night party means tomorrow is going to be pretty pointless from a writing perspective, so chuff that – I’m off to Copenhagen instead.

So here’s as much as I can remember from Day 2, summarised for you in the form of an, erm, summary. Enjoy!

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Here’s what Hideo Kojima said during his Nordic Game 2016 Q and A


Continuing a world tour so epic that it probably has its own overpriced and poorly designed t-shirt, Hideo Kojima took to the stage at Nordic Game 2016 to answer some very gentle questions in front of a packed auditorium.

But what in god’s name did the man who created Metal Gear go on about? Here’s a quick summary of the main things I learned from the talk, which, for clarity and history’s sake, was conducted through a translator.

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Casual Connect Day 2 Roundup: Youtube, Indie Games and The Rocky Horror Show

Day two of Casual Connect is over, which means it is nearly time for me to go home. But rather than leave you in the dark over what happened at the show as I prepare to scamper back to the airport, I thought it only fair to write another quick summary of what happened to me at the show.

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Casual Connect Europe 2016 Day 1 Summary – It’s moving to Berlin

So the first day at Casual Connect is over and I’m sitting in my hotel room eating biscuits and watching Champion’s League football. Some may say I should be out networking at a party; my brain says a low quality live recording of PSG versus Chelsea takes precedence.

Anyway, to make up for my total lack of networking productivity, I thought I’d round up what happened at the conference today instead. Here are my abbreviated highlights: enjoy them or perish immediately.

Note: you will not perish immediately if you don’t enjoy them.

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