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Mid Week Mouthful: Rise of the mobile ad dark pools

Dark Pools and Black Holes

Mobile advertising is a serious and seriously successful industry by pretty much any measure. Despite existing as a viable industry for a little over five years, an article in TechCrunch predicted that an enormous $18bn is likely to pass through the market in the course of 2014.

Yet despite the growth of the sector, it’s tough to think of it as something that is either much loved or thought of with any real warmth. Beyond the walls of samey branding and jargon that guards the hundreds of ad networks in the sector, there is real confusion amongst the app developers who utilise such advertising about whether they’re really seeing any value for their money.

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2048: The Nihilistic Face Of Free To Play


Nihilism at its finest

Anyone who has read this blog or spoken to me will know that I have a very open mind when it comes to free to play gaming. Yes, I do prefer paid games and prefer forking out for a full product rather than committing myself to a longer term “pay as you love it more” service. But I appreciate that many players do and that there are incredibly valid and sensible ways to execute the model that delivers both values for players and for businesses. But the rise in the past week of 2048 as a free game has left me disconcerted, reminding me of the inherent nihilism that lies at the heart of some of the worst free titles.

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Free to Play: What Else Should We Call It?

free to play man

Is it all in a name? Image from

‘It’s all in the name’ is one of those happy cliches that everyone will likely use from time to time to describe something that is so evidently obvious that a title gives it away easily. But with the news that the European Commission is inviting Google and Apple to clarify potentially misleading costs surrounding ‘free to play’ games suggests that this particular name isn’t quite as clear cut as it might seem.

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Rate And Review Pop Ups: Not As Devilish As You Think

As the Dungeon Keeper free to play clusterbomb of fuck continues to explode around us, a new controversy has arisen over the use of a rate and review pop up by EA. Asking players whether they’d rate the game 1 star or 5 stars, anyone who chooses the latter is sent to the app store of the OS they are using while the former are given a pop up that asks to email feedback or dismiss the box completely. As a result, players who have a bad experience are kept away from putting their review on the store.

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