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The Mobile Mavericks Mobile Game Awards 2014

Another year has passed and so it is another opportunity for me to pretend that I’m a real journalist and critic with this sham of an awards post. Yes, the Mobile Mavericks Mobile Gaming Awards, coveted by no-one and barely heard of, are back to give you the low down about what happened this year in mobile and celebrate the best of the industry as well as other things I want to talk about.

Oh, and the worst too. As well as giving awards out for the best experiences of the year, I’ll be handing gongs to the worst games around there and the biggest cock ups I’ve seen this year. So developers, prepare to congratulate (or commiserate) yourselves as I begin to write words that I pretend are equivalent to handing out actual award gongs.


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Five lessons from app discovery services that are still relevant to mobile marketing

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App discovery services have died a slow and somewhat protracted death over the past few years. Since the introduction of the notorious 2.25 clause in the rules of the app store, services like App Gratis, Free App Magic and Free App A Day have faded pretty much into irrelevance in the app marketing landscape.

It’s something I know all to well, considering that part of the reason I became a freelancer was to escape the ship as it slowly slipped beneath the surface. But I’ve realised that there is a lot of knowledge and information that came out of those services that both a) remain relevant today and b) haven’t really been reported.

So I’m going to take this week to outline a few of the key things I learned when working for such a service and how those lessons remain useful in the app economy today.

Note: In general, where possible, I’ve avoided quoting exact statistics due to the fact that I’m not really sure where I stand legally on citing them. Rest assured, I am not simply pulling fake figures out of my arse and if you want to challenge me on them feel free to.

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Junk bond traders? Why indie game devs may struggle to get investment – The Monday Mouthful


The likely investor in your next indie game


I ruddy love indie games. Not just on mobile of course but everywhere I can find them. I love their capacity to be stupidly creative and succeed. I adore the way that they take the kind of risks that companies with enough cash to buy a small country won’t try. And I love the way that the finest in the industry absolutely nail their vision, creating utterly effective and convincing works that stand up and exceed the works of their illustrious peers. But if you pressed $20 million into my hand and told me I could either begin a career of indie game investment or put it into savings, I’d probably be looking at interest rates first and foremost.

Because however much it pains me to say this they are, in general, bad investments. Despite the joy that the likes of Motorsport Manager and 80 Days have brought me in the past few weeks, I wouldn’t invest more than the cost of the game into their overall company coffers and I strongly doubt that any big investment company would either because the risk/reward ratio simply isn’t high enough to worth bothering about.

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The Midweek Mouthful: Don’t Be The Indie Llewyn Davis

A talented but terrible role model

In the last few years, I’ve steadily developed some form of appreciation for the value of cinema. During my, admittedly rather philistine youth, film was a format for easy to watch blockbusters and not thought provocation. More recently though, it has increasingly become my go to media for when I want to consume something that sits inside my head for months, slowly shaping my thoughts. And the best recent example of this was the Coen Brothers’ award winning film Inside Llewyn Davis.

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