Nordic Game 2016: Day 2 Roundup


Nordic Game Day 2 is basically over and so are my write ups. The combination of tiredness and a late night party means tomorrow is going to be pretty pointless from a writing perspective, so chuff that – I’m off to Copenhagen instead.

So here’s as much as I can remember from Day 2, summarised for you in the form of an, erm, summary. Enjoy!

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Here’s what Hideo Kojima said during his Nordic Game 2016 Q and A


Continuing a world tour so epic that it probably has its own overpriced and poorly designed t-shirt, Hideo Kojima took to the stage at Nordic Game 2016 to answer some very gentle questions in front of a packed auditorium.

But what in god’s name did the man who created Metal Gear go on about? Here’s a quick summary of the main things I learned from the talk, which, for clarity and history’s sake, was conducted through a translator.

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Nordic Game 2016: Day 1 Round Up

Ah conferences in Scandinavia. There’s nothing quite like getting to a event early, chucking three over strength coffees down your throat before the talks have started and spending the rest of your days jiggling your knees due to an uncontrollable caffeine high.

Nevertheless, even with this considerable impediment to my concentration, I still sat down in front of my computer to capture my thoughts in word form for this Nordic Game 2016 Day 1 round up post. How considerate of me.

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Clash Royale: Supercell reinvents broadcasting

What’s been released in the past month, has topped the App Store and just happens to offer an insight into the future of watching video on the go? The answer is Clash Royale.

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